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Yes, they're closing Dean Street outside arena next Tuesday for Tidal concert

Oh, the (non)transparency.

Barely hours after professing it was "possible" that a street outside the Barclays Center might close for the Tidal concert, Barclays Center Community Affairs Manager Terence Kelly yesterday circulated an email message announcing just that: Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth avenues will be closed between 5 pm and midnight.

Why couldn't he have been more declarative?

And why couldn't Forest City Ratner executive Ashley Cotton have said more than "We'll notice you as soon as we know if we’re closing the street"?

After all, it's highly unlikely that approval for the street closing magically arrived in the hours after the Wednesday night public meeting and the Thursday morning message.

And even if it had, here's what they could've said: "We're applying to have Dean Street closed. We'll announce when it's approved." (Since when have street closings outside the arena *not* been approved by a mayoral administration eager to make nice to arena operators?)

The announcement: Tidal

For the TIDAL X show Tuesday Oct. 20 (estimated 8 pm to midnight) and the Powerhouse 2015 show Thursday, Oct. 22nd (estimated 7 pm to midnight), the message states that all residents and businesses will have unrestricted access to their homes/buildings on Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth.

"No major production work or external light and sound will take place in the overnight hours," which leaves some leeway for work in late-night/early morning hours as well as "minor" production work.

Along with closing Dean Street between Flatbush & Sixth between 5 pm and midnight on Tuesday--leaving an emergency vehicle traffic lane--at the same time, southbound vehicle traffic on Sixth between Atlantic Avenue and Bergen Street will be modified to allow event-related vehicles to make a right turn onto Dean. Drivers are encouraged to use Vanderbilt Avenue as a temporary detour.

On Tuesday, a satellite TV truck will be staged on the Sugar Factory plaza outside the arena on Sixth Avenue at the termination of Pacific Street.

From 6:30 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday, there will be a “Red Carpet” element, presumably with celebrity guests.

The announcement circulated yesterday did not address a question asked Wednesday night, whether the red carpet would be filmed, which brings lights and equipment and trucks. Kelly didn't say no, so it's a good bet that the announcement of such filming will emerge later.

The announcement: both shows

Kelly promised "a significant police presence in the area to assist with event management" as well as "additional deployments of both Barclays Center Pedestrian Traffic Managers and NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents (TEAs)."

Also, for both shows, "a significant number of vehicles servicing talent and high-level event staff... will arrive/drop-off, stage at an off-site parking lot and return to the arena as part of a controlled and scheduled pick-up program at the end of the event." That hasn't always worked without a bit of chaos.

Kelly's message said "Barclays Center will share new information as it becomes available"--or, tactically appropriate to release, as the record shows--and advised people to follow the NYPD 78th Precinct's Twitter account for real-time updates and permitted external production activity.

The message also alerts people to call the precinct at 718-636-6411, or the Barclays Center Security Desk at 917-618-6655, or the event-night reception desk at 917-618-6106. It doesn't say how to contact Kelly, but info is here.

The announcement: the document


  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Best regularly updated community/politics website in NYC.
    Question: Since these people do not care at all, under what auspices do they even have to and do sometimes offer any minimal or belated notice of all these intrusive detrimental things they do so regularly

    1. I'm not sure this is regulated. They do what's needed to not shock the electeds and others who might crack down on inadequate/irresponsible behavior.


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