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For Tidal show, Dean Street closed not only for vehicles but also pedestrians

So the Tidal show last night at the Barclays Center--a charitable event to promote the Jay-Z (and others')-owned streaming musical service, was a real hit for attendees at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, since they were "surprised" with free tickets.

Media check-in outside B3 site at Sixth Ave. & Dean St.
The show itself, according to the Times review, was a "thudding marathon... too big to fail, and so of course it did."

For locals, inevitably, there was mission creep in terms of arena activities taking over local streets. We knew--at least the morning after an arena rep refused to confirm it--that Dean Street outside the arena, between Flatbush and Vanderbilt avenues would be closed to vehicles to allow drop-off of VIPs.

(Note the difference, however, between the first notice below issued Oct. 15, and an updated Oct. 19 notice that adjusted the street closure start from 5 pm to 4 pm and the Red Carpet start from 6:30 pm to 6 pm.)

What annoyed residents, I'm told, was that Dean Street outside the arena was also shut down to pedestrians, thus inconveniencing locals who wanted a direct walk home. That was not part of the public notice.

Then again, it did offer an all-purpose CYA: "Security and crowd control measures will be introduced and directed by the NYPD as needed."

Note that no closures are announced for Thursday's Powerhouse 2015 concert, but vehicular drop-offs for "talent and high-level event staff" are planned on Dean Street as well. So keep watch for any additional security/crowd control measures.

First notice
Second notice