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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Updating this blog's name to include Pacific Park; also, Forest City, aiming to forestall scrutiny, reserves Pacific Park Report

Updated 11/10/14: I've tweaked the blog name to Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report.

Greenland Forest City Partners, the joint venture involving Greenland Holdings and Forest City Ratner, has renamed Atlantic Yards, dubiously, as Pacific Park. New York State still calls it the Atlantic Yards Project.

Last week, when I learned of the new name, I immediately incorporated Pacific Park into the blog description. Today I add it to the name of the blog.

Atlantic Yards (& Pacific Park) Report acknowledges the new name but prioritizes the project's long history as Atlantic Yards, which cannot be ignored. (Maybe at some point I'll take away the parentheses.)

Empty blog from Forest City
It wouldn't make sense to rename the blog Pacific Park Report, however much it might better serve searches.

Moreover, developer Forest City Ratner has already taken steps to forestall such scrutiny:
Today I created my own Pacific Park (& Atlantic Yards) Report blog, which serves as a guide to content on this blog; the URL is

What about Pacific Park Watch?

Similarly and have been claimed by Forest City.

That's surely an attempt to gain distance from the sometimes powerful site, Atlantic Yards Watch (set up by local civic groups), where residents can post incident reports on construction violations, parking, idling, noise, and other project- related problems.

No long article--as opposed to incident reports--has been published since last September, but Atlantic Yards Watch has had impacts.

In July 2012, a report, prepared for Atlantic Yards Watch by a veteran environmental consulting firm, concluded that Forest City Ratner and its contractors, bent on getting a huge project finished by a tight deadline, regularly failed to comply with mitigation protocols officially agreed to, and that other mitigations were implemented late, poorly, or unevenly.

This past June, Empire State Development announced new monitoring by and outside firm, plus new procedures to enhance construction oversight.


  1. Too bad "No Land Grab" isn't still around to baffle the FCR elves when it comes to their site grabs of no land grab sites!


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