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Bruce Ratner again gives to AG Schneiderman campaign and Kings County Democrats

From the latest round of campaign finance filings, we learn that Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner contributed $5,000 in July--as did his wife, Dr. Pamela Lipkin--to the re-election campaign for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,

Those $5,000 sums are larger than most of Schneiderman's many recent contributions, but smaller than dozens of even larger ones.

Ratner also gave $5,000 to the Kings County Democratic Party (aka Kings County Democratic County Committee) in June.

In 2012, Ratner gave $10,000 to Schneiderman and $4,000 to Kings Democrats. In 2010, he gave $12,500 to Schneiderman.

I don't think we can connect Ratner's contributions to Schneiderman's inaction on some Atlantic Yards-related items, such as the debts of BUILD or the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership's reported lobbying. But, as we know, contributors are more likely to get their calls returned and/or attention paid to their issues.