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As Barclays Center prepares for next show, errant trucks fill no-standing zones, cause traffic jam on Flatbush after wrong turn attempt

It's been a slow summer at the Barclays Center, but now that there's another major event--a one-off that apparently requires many specialized deliveries--(apparently) inexperienced and/or poorly managed truckers are violating the law and/or protocols while making deliveries.

As posted yesterday on Atlantic Yards Watch, several 18-wheel trucks making deliveries to the Barclays Center--apparently for the 9/9/14 Fashion Rocks show, a "television special celebrating the powerful relationship between fashion and music"--were parking and idling yesterday in no-standing zones on Dean Street and Sixth Avenue.

Missing the easy turn off Flatbush onto Dean

Below is one example: trucks should traveling south along Flatbush Avenue to make a left onto Dean Street to enter the arena loading dock, which is located on Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth Avenues,

Dean Street is already relatively narrow, not built for trucks, and it's been further narrowed by scaffolding and barriers set up for the construction of the B2 modular tower. So it's a tight fit even to make the left turn, which offers a driver lots of latitude.

In the video below, the northbound truck is trying to make a right onto Dean, a very difficult challenge. The result is a brief traffic jam on Flatbush, a major avenue, at about 4 pm. The driver ultimately decided to abort the turn.

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