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In misleading new site plan, Pacific Park Brooklyn towers are shrunken and smoothed out

Notice anything odd about the rather stylized Pacific Park Brooklyn site plan--in green/gray hues below--that surfaced with the project's rebranding by Greenland Forest City Partners?

Well, the design of the buildings has been smoothed out and abstracted, making them seem smaller, compared to other site plans from Forest City Enterprises itself, such as the one with the dark background, from an August 2014 Investor Presentation, as disclosed to the SEC.

Upper graphic from FCE investor presentation, lower graphic released with Pacific Park re-branding; both August 2014
Maybe some buildings may have been redesigned. And they're apparently trying to simplify and stylize the design. But they don't need more space to show more complicated buildings.

Notably, it's odd and misleading how B6 and B7, over the center block of the railyard, have been downsized from "catcher's mitts" to simple rectangles.

That's highly doubtful. After all, Building 7 would be 460 feet tall and encompass 733,810 square feet--a huge building. Building 6 would be only 219 feet tall but include 445,060 square feet. Because that's far more bulk than in some project buildings that are taller, that implies a sprawling--not modest--building.

Consider how the massive B4, at the northeast corner of the arena block, at 511 feet and 824,629 square feet, might appear as a mere rectangle.

Below, in GIF form:

Pacific Park Site Plan Versions on Make A Gif