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Outside Barclays Center, Green Day fans huddle on sidewalk, narrowing already limited path

There's a Green Day concert tonight at the Barclays Center, and fans gathered five hours early to plant themselves on the sidewalk outside the Barclays Center near the Atlantic Avenue entrance, and snaking back and around to Sixth Avenue.

 Arena operators even put up metal fencing to separate them from passers-by.

The only problem: the sidewalk is already very narrow, with an effective width of less than four feet, leaving clearance for just a couple of people. Given bollards and a hydrant, some pedestrians, as shown in the screenshot at left and videos below, had to walk in the street.

That's not so safe, given that Atlantic Avenue can have a lot of traffic, such as the limo driving east in the screenshot at right.

Moreover, arena developer Forest City Ratner has got to feel relief that there's no tower yet at the corner of Atlantic and Sixth avenues.

After all, the arena-goers are sitting right outside what is supposed to be a private residence. At some point, the residents, especially those paying market rates, are going to be peeved. That's another problem to solve, along with the leaking bass from the arena.