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Big profile of Eric Adams, likely the next Brooklyn Borough President (plus audio/video)

I have a long profile in City Limits' Brooklyn Bureau, Former Gadfly Cop Nears Coronation as Brooklyn Borough President: State Sen. Eric Adams faces virtually no opposition in his bid for borough hall—the latest step in his evolution from controversial activist to political leader.

There's a lot to think about:
While Adams's path to Borough Hall seems clear, his plans for governing seem more inchoate. His record as a public figure and state senator offers plenty of highlights, but also raises questions about his alliances, his attention-grabbing style and how he'd use the peculiar and limited powers of a "beep."
For example, he's been out front on issues like stop-and-frisk and gay marriage, while cautious about development projects like Wal-Mart and Atlantic Yards. (The piece links to coverage of a curious press conference Adams held early last year, which surely was provoked by some political calculation.)

He favors campaign finance reform yet has paid his Chief of Staff $81,000 in campaign funds. He was subject to a harsh state Inspector General's report on the Aqueduct "racino," but says the IG got some things wrong.

Adams even answered some questions, albeit carefully, about his curious political history, including a flirtation with the Republican party and his rhetorical support of the Nation of Islam. For more, see the full article.

Eric Adams live

He's a powerful speaker to youth, as in the video clip below, shot last year at a graduation ceremony held at Medgar Evers College.

Here's audio from his campaign kickoff March 3, with an introduction from Assemblyman Karim Camara.