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BlackBerry at the arena; the Brooklyn Nets and "a master class in branding"

From the New York Post, 4/3/13, BlackBerry ‘Nets’ deal
Barclays Center, meet BlackBerry.
The Brooklyn arena, home to the Nets, has struck a two-season marketing deal with the embattled smartphone maker, The Post has learned.

The deal is valued at $1 million to $5 million, according to an industry source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

...BlackBerry is paying for “brand domination” at the arena, where people will see marketing for the smartphone maker from “street to seat,” he said.
That's kind of a large range for the deal.

MediaPost blogger Cory Treffilett wrote 4/3/13, Brooklyn Nets: Master Class In Branding:
The colors are stark -- a simple black-and-white motif -- and the music is omnipresent -- driving beats with a real sense of swagger. The arena is clean, centrally located and everyone who works there is smiling, helpful and demonstrates a true excitement to be in the house. The food is delicious. The logo is everywhere, on hats, banners and signage. Brooklyn even takes advantage of its star quality courtside, with actors and sports stars lining the court for a show-like experience in the “borough that sports forgot” for many years. It feels like you’ve stepped into an exclusive event, more so than when you enter Madison Square Garden, which is clearly recognized as the world’s stage.

While the Knicks may have a sense of history, the Nets represent a feeling of “now.”

...The Nets are not the only shining example of branding in the sports world, but they are certainly one of the newest to take that step into reimagining and relaunching their brand. To me, as a student of advertising, it feels like what Cadillac did about 12 years ago when they rode the opening drum beat of “Rock N Roll” by Led Zeppelin to relaunch their brand for a new generation. Remember that?