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Only a segment of bars/restaurants near arena seem to benefit from Nets fans

From Prospect Heights Patch, Few Barclays-Area Eateries See Bump from Nets Games: Restaurants with the right location and menu have benefitted greatly from the NBA team's move to Brooklyn. But most report no change.:
Brooklyn Nets fans poured into Prospect Heights Monday night for the second game of the NBA playoffs, but most didn’t stop by area businesses on their way into the arena.
The promise of an influx of hungry ticket holders was part of the argument arena proponents used to push for the Barclays Center. And before concerts the new customers have materialized with restaurants as far away as Clinton Hill and Carroll Gardens reporting a bump in diners.
But the picture is different on Nets game nights when only a selection of large sports bars and a handful of casual restaurants near the arena say they’re seeing an influx of Nets fans.
This is consistent with previous reports; I'd note that a promised cross-marketing program doesn't seem fully launched, with information on the arena app but not website. After all, there's a tension between promoting area businesses and keeping the food and drink traffic in-house.