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A drummer busking at the Barclays Center plaza? Never, except when it's "Hello Playoffs"

The Barclays Center plaza (sponsored by the Daily News) has not exactly been a nurturing ground for buskers. I haven't seen the official policy, but anyone who tries anything that might draw a crowd routinely gets shooed away.

After all, it's not a public space. It's a privately-managed, publicly-accessible space.

On Monday, April 22, Yesterday, however, as the photo and video show, there was indeed a drummer on the plaza.

As the video suggests, he was even collecting money from enthusiastic onlookers.

I know this may sound like a stretch, but is it remotely possible that the #HelloPlayoffs t-shirt and tub wrapper were sanctioned and supported by the Brooklyn Nets?

Is Stephen Witt, street musician and author of a book rather favorable to the arena and its developer, up next?