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What happened to "monthly" boxing at the arena? Next show is more than three months after the first

As I reported in October, on the eve of the first boxing event at the Barclays Center, the initial plan to hold "monthly major professional boxing cards" there was under review, as the response to the first show led Barclays and Golden Boy Promotions to reevaluate.

As the New York Post reported, the question was "whether the next card will be either December of January." 

As it turns out, the next card will be Feb. 9, 2013. That's a more than three-month gap.

For the first show, however, they had to give away more than 1,000 free tickets, so maybe now there's a recognition that the audience for boxing--at least at the prices they charge--can't support monthly boxing.

It's a rare programming mis-step at the arena; while a few concerts haven't sold well, necessitating a wipe-out of upper bowl seats, those are generally one-shot events. Monthly boxing was a plan that they had to revise.