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Issues for the Quality of Life meeting Thursday: Nets games, Neil Young concert feature illegally parked/idling limos; NYPD response not always swift; drop-off lane on Atlantic becomes parking?

There will be much to talk about at the next meeting of the Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Committee meeting tomorrow, held 6:30-8 pm at the 78th Precinct, Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street. (The meeting is open to the public, but only representatives of invited groups can participate.)

One big issue: the continued presence of black cars and limos on the streets near the Barclays Center, seeking free parking and not even availing themselves of free parking farther away.

Nets vs. Knicks

The 11/26/12 marquee matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks didn't just draw a sellout crowd, it prompted numerous high-rollers to take limos and black cars that idled in the streets around the Barclays Center.

According to incident reports filed on Atlantic Yards Watch, in some cases police response was effective and swift, but in others it wasn't.

A report from Flatbush Avenue:
Flatbush Avenue between Dean and Bergen streets
6 limos parked in bus stop at 231 Flatbush, 10 double parked along side those and rest of block on the north side of Flatbush Ave between Dean and Bergen for a total of 16 illegally parked cars.
TEA across the street was notified but moved to another location. He did not speak English so it was not clear what he was doing.
...311 operator said that this is automatically labeled as an URGENT QOL complaint.
The 311 response: "The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition." How quickly was unclear.

Here's some video:

Beyond Flatbush, on Dean

Another report, regarding Dean Street:
Entire lane of four double parked limos Dean between Flatbush and 5th Ave.
...All limos were blocking traffic which got backed up as cars struggled to go around them. All were idling.
311 operator says to list location as "Landmark" - Barclays Center.
Also note that two cars were parked in NO STANDING Zone at 446 Dean; one was an idling limo.
311 operator said it did not come up as priority or urgent despite this being the same location as the previous complaint. He said, "Nobody here seems to now how this "priority" thing works."
The 311 response: "The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition." How quickly was unclear.

Success on Fifth Avenue

A report of success, sort of, on Fifth Avenue:
Fifth Avenue between Dean and Bergen streets
A long line of limos and cars were parked along the West side of 5th Avenue between Dean and Bergen at 9:40PM, blocking a hydrant and the entire bus stop at 42 5th Avenue and vicinity. As I was videotaping them a small police vehicle came up with his flasher on and all of them moved quickly away. I congratulated and thanked the officer.
I did not file a 311 complaint as the cars had moved. A bus came right into the stop as the officer left. And an SUV pulled in right behind the bus and parked, idling, in the bus stop......
But props to the police for having a car on parking patrol.
Problems on Bergen Street

A report of problems on Bergen Street:
Bergen Street between Fifth and Flatbush avenues
Multiple (at least 6) "black cars" and stretch limos on the block of Bergen St. between 5th ave and Flatbush. The bus stop at both ends of the block were blocked for a time, as of now only 1 is. Multiple vehicles parked in "no parking" zone at North/East end of block (in front of hardware store). For a time there were 2 such vehicles parked/idling in the (new?) turn lane just before 5th Avenue. Multiple cars are from the "elite" company.
311 report was filed. I got a call back from the 78th pct within minutes. The caller said he would send a car out. I have not seen one yet (20 minutes). Caller also suggested that perhaps some of the vehicles had permits "from the arena." I questioned what sort of permit would allow such a thing and that is when he said a car would be sent.
The 311 response: "The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition."

Note that this is a five-minute walk from the 78th Precinct headquarters

Free parking ignored

As posted on Atlantic Yards Watch, regarding the evening of Dec. 2, limos and black cars were given “free parking” along  the south side of Atlantic Avenue from Sixth to Vanderbilt avenues, but they haven't taken advantage of it.

Well, at least not the car in the photo at right that parked outside a hydrant on Pacific Street. (Oddly enough, that was the day of a Disney on Ice show, with a relatively low expected attendance.)

Below, the view on Atlantic, with the temporary sign (also above left) that allots parking only to TLC vehicles.

The Neil Young concert Dec. 3

Reports on Atlantic Yards Watch suggested that the police were stepping up somewhat at the Neil Young concert Monday, 12/3/12.

One report of a limo parked and idling on Fifth Avenue between St. Marks and Bergen at a hydrant prompted an eventual police response, though the vehicle was gone:
Told 311 operator of idling but did NOT report it to DEP. Takes too long. This 311 report took 12 minutes.
...In what must be frustrating for the police, a 311 complaint was addressed with great efficiency but to no result. Kudos to the 78 for trying.
Another resident reported a car parked in front of a hydrant on Bergen Street just west of Fifth Avenue.

Two cars were reported parked in front of the garage for Park Slope Ambulance on Bergen between Fifth and Flatbush avenues: "Note that three cmplaints to 311 took 23 minutes."

A report of a limo idling in the middle of the bus stop on Flatbush Avenue at Bergen Street: "Driver ws incredulous when I informed him of options for parking. Said he would not move."

A stretch limo parked on Fifth Avenue at a hydrant:
Stretch limo parked for at least half an hour at hydrant, idling. Note that [arena Community Relations Manager] Terence Kelly and I approached driver and TK explained parking options vs police action. Driver said, "I'm not moving."
Noted that 311 complaint, filed at 10:14, was listed as closed and handled at 10:36. Props to the 78!
Atlantic Avenue
"The Police Department responded to the complaint and took action to fix the condition."
The Nets-Thunder game Dec. 4

The north side of Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and South Portland Avenue, according to Atlantic Yards Watch, at 6:45 pm yesterday had:
13 illegally parked cars in a "no parking from 7 am to midnight" area. The remaining spaces were largely taken up by drivers waiting in their cars while idling.
In the arena operations presentation this was the area that was supposed to used for pick up and drop off. Not anymore. Now the area the arena patrons get out of their cars is the travel lane next to it. This is a parking and standing area.

Cars want to stop here because it is right across from the arena, and so many of them are driving westbound on Atlantic during most events. In fact to the eye more are driving westbound than eastbound, which may be why the lay by-lane on the across the street is not used as much.
Atlantic Avenue
Also reported: five cars, most limos, parked or idling in the bus stop on Flatbush Avenue at Bergen Street.

A BMW parked in front of a hydrant at Flatbush and Sixth Avenue, near Woodland restaurant. Three cars (two of them limos), two idling, in No Standing zone on Dean Street between Fifth and Flatbush avenues, "creating a road hazard (blocking traffic that needs the space to turn)."

 A school bus in a bus stop, two cars in a No Parking zone, and a car idling in the crosswalk on Fifth Avenue a few blocks below the arena.