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Post: "dysfunctional" ESDC to be reorganized, under Adams's direction

The New York Post reports, in a Fred Dicker exclusive, Gov to raze hell with biz agency:
Gov. Cuomo plans a top-to-bottom shake-up of the state’s leading economic-development and job-creation agency early in the new year after concluding it is outdated, ineffective and poorly organized, The Post has learned.

The Empire State Development Corp., which hands out billions of dollars in economic-development grants and tax benefits, is “disjointed, dysfunctional — and nobody really is sure on the inside who is responsible for what,’’ said a senior Cuomo administration official.

“ESDC has not even branded itself properly. For many people, ESDC means nothing,’’ the official continued.
Cuomo next month plans to reorganize the "agency"--as the Post calls it in common parlance, though it's formally described itself as a public benefit corporation--into five specialized units: business attraction; public policy and strategic planning; tourism; overseas exports and international trade; and small business.

Where will Atlantic Yards fall? Probably public policy and strategic planning, since any of the rest are a stretch.

Current CEO Kenneth Adams, who helped develop the plan, will remain in charge. There's no word yet on whether the reorg includes any new governance entity for Atlantic Yards, or at least--as Adams has acknowledged--a way to formalize public input.