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Barclays Center (and complaints about it) lead NY Mag's "Reasons to Love New York 2012"; Jay-Z gets cited for DeNiro diss, viral video

From New York magazine, love note to the Barclays Center for providing world-class entertainment is the very first in the annual list of "Reasons to Love New York":

Note that the text under "Because We Can't Go Two Weeks Without Peeing All Around It" is rather misleading:
By October 16, a “quality-of-life committee” had to be convened to deal with, among other things, rampant urination. Barclays opened September 28.
The Quality of Life Committee was long in the cards, rather than set up in response to complaints filed after the arena opening. And the biggest issue as of now is black cars and limos idling and illegally parking in the streets near the arena.

About Jay-Z

Jay Z gets mentioned twice, first for getting Robert DeNiro peeved (because Jay didn't come through on a promise), then for his viral subway encounter with artist Ellen Grossman.