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There were $15 tickets for tonight's Brooklyn Nets game; reports are they vanished quickly

As with the Brooklyn Nets' debut on Nov. 3, the team put some quantity of $15 tickets--surely not the once-promised (and heavily promoted) 2,000--on sale, with announcements late Saturday on Twitter and Facebook.

(Update: the Nets at 10:42 am tweeted that tickets "remain" (as opposed to "were newly made available"), but one person responded two minutes later that tickets were gone.)

A lot of the comments (but not all) on Facebook express frustration:
I sat in the $15 seats but they were obstructed- was staring right into a cement beam and missed half of the game. Are these seats obstructed too?

Has anyone been able to get tickets on this link? I clicked through immediately after it was posted but it says no group tickets are left. I'll keep refreshing..

Clicked on the link when it first posted (said 10 seconds) and were already all gone!!

There aren't anymore $15 tickets available... : (

I question whether any 3000 tickets were sold to anyone. If this stuff persists, its really going to alienate a welcoming fan base. Not cool, Nets.

I did this for tonight's game. Just keep trying, guys. They're there. I had to try several times but I got 2.


  1. Did you say $15.00?
    How about $9.19?
    See below direct from StubHub.....
    Upper Corner 228
    Row 6 | Qty 3
    Instant Download

    Upper Baseline 231
    Row 4 | Qty 1-10
    Instant Download

    Upper Sideline 222
    Row 22 | Qty 2
    Instant Download

    Upper Sideline 226
    Row 1 | Qty 2
    Instant Download

    Upper Sideline 207
    Row 13 | Qty 2
    Instant Downloadaisle

    Upper Corner 227
    Row 17 | Qty 2
    Instant Download

    Upper Corner 205
    Row 19 | Qty 1-4
    Instant Download

    Middle Corner 118
    Row 8 | Qty 2
    Instant Download

    Upper Corner 219
    Row 4 | Qty 2
    Instant Download

    1. Sure, on the resale marketplace, as the game gets closer, there will be cheap tickets for certain games. But the promise was 2,000 $15 tickets, presumably some at the box office, so people could make plans. And I'm pretty sure the service charge is less if you can walk up.

    2. Just another broken promise. As Yogi used to say.... deja vue all over again.


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