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A poem: "I Sing the Song of Junior’s Cheesecake—My Atlantic Yards Report"

Jacob Margolies, a lawyer and writer living in Park Slope, is working on a series of poems "primarily from the viewpoint of a disappointed basketball fan." He calls it the "Brooklyn Nets New York Knickerbocker Poetry Series.” He shares one with us below.

I Sing the Song of Junior’s Cheesecake—My Atlantic Yards Report

By Jacob Margolies

Tonight we give praise to the Lord
for this victory.
And for the gift of patience.
We take it.
One game at a time.

We give thanks for eminent domain
and local religious leaders.
For Russian oligarchs
who are kick-boxing champions.

I would like to pay special thanks
to Pussy Riot
if it’s Ok
with Vladimir and Mikhail.

And praises be
to Jay-Z
Who be Fronting
for Me.

There’s nothing
we can’t do.
These streets make me
feel brand new.

We give thanks for
sentimental feeling.
Gauzy recollections.

I sing the song of Junior’s Cheesecake
Spumoni Gardens
Biting into a cold slice

And to the Brooklyn Dodgers.
We thank you
for moving to Los Angeles.

Did I mention egg creams?

And a special thanks
for hoops memories.
Chocolate Thunder and Super John
The Big Whopper and the Keenan lean-in

And we ask forgiveness
for Selling Away
Doctor J

Thanks to the Labor Unions
the Building Trades
and the Glories of Public Transportation
The LIRR, the IRT, the BMT and the IND

Oh Lord, Master of the Universe
Have pity and compassion
for the sanctimonious simpletons
Who Sought to Deny Brooklyn
This Treasure

Watch them now
Desperately rushing
to purchase tickets

We give thanks for the bank bailout
And naming rights
Branding and leverage
And taking it to the next level

Dr. Dunkenstein reports
we have reached
the next level

Let’s play ball

(copyright: Jacob Margolies)


  1. Perfect. ---And FUN to read out loud!!! Bravo to the poet from Brooklyn!!!! Love his stuff.


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