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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

AY Watch: Questions for tonight's meeting about B2 design: construction plans, sidewalk use, parking, noise, and more

Atlantic Yards Watch has posed several questions regarding the meeting tonight at Borough Hall, 6:30 pm, regarding design plans for B2, the first Atlantic Yards tower

Among them:
  • What are the construction plans for B2, in terms of sidewalk and lane closures, and delivery of modular units?
  • How will sidewalk use be affected by B2 construction, given that arena events already overburden sidewalks?
  • Where will B2 residents park, given that no plan has been announced?
  • How will problems with noise escaping from the arena be addressed, given that bass already penetrates buildings farther away.
  • Where will B2 residents find open space, given the lack of such space.
Other questions, such as plans for affordable housing and hiring of local residents, given the decrease of jobs under modular construction, are likely to be ruled out of bounds.

But they are no less worthy of discussion. For the full post, go to Atlantic Yards Watch.