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New York Post follows up on strains on police handling arena events

A New York Post article, Full-court pressure on Barclays cops: Brooklyn cops have been experimenting with new strategies to deal with growing pains from the Barclays Center — from lingering limos to berserk Beliebers., touches briefly on issues raised at the 78th Precinct Community Council meeting last week.

First, the police have let limos and black cars wait on the south side of Atlantic Avenue east of Sixth Avenue rather than have them hover on residential streets--which the cops say is working, but--as residents point out--is a giveaway of public space.

How many police?

This factoid is new (and unconfirmed):
Since the arena opened, police sources said, it has taxed NYPD resources. The detail is just eight officers, a sergeant and a lieutenant, sources say.

“We were promised more [cops] than that,” said a source.
That said, the detail has been augmented significantly, with dozens of cops available at early events, including the Jay-Z concerts.

Last week, Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri, commanding officer of the 78th Precinct, was asked for a comparison between the number of police available at the Justin Bieber concert and the opening Jay-Z concerts .

Ameri didn’t quite answer: “Well, I had plenty of officers there last night... it was just the way we handled it, when it came to the crowd."

Illegal  parking

Despite the provision of free space on Atlantic Avenue, according to Atlantic Yards Watch, there's still illegal parking, as in this example on Nov. 15 at 9:30 pm during a Brooklyn Nets game:
A charter bus from New Jersey parked and idled for at least a half hour at the bus stop on Dean Street just east of Carlton Avenue. This is a regular location for illegal parking by limos and buses waiting for patrons from Barclays Center. The 311 complaint specifically addresses this bus in this location.
Video: [note that the bus pulls out at time of filming, though it had been standing there for a while]
While I was on the phone with 311 a police vehicle passed by. I waved it down and it stopped approximately 75 feet away. An officer got out and inspected a car blocking a fire hydrant. I stayed on the phone with the 311 specialist and went over to the officer. He told me he would finish what he was doing and then come to give the bus a summons. Instead, he got in his car and left. I completed the call with 311 and then inspected the vehicle blocking the fire hydrant. It was a private car associated with a placard from the Department of Corrections. There was no summons.
As I walked toward the arena I found a limo parked and idling in front of the Church designated parking area immediately in front of the Temple of Restoration. Two photos are attached. [one is below]