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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Outside Barclays Center, trucks wait, idle on Dean Street, unable to enter loading dock (despite promises of tight scheduling)

Yes, trucks are still waiting on residential Dean Street outside the Barclays Center, even though they're not supposed to. They're supposed to be tightly scheduled. That doesn't quite work, as shown in video from last night showing trucks unloading from the Justin Bieber concert.

Remember how New York Magazine critic Justin Davidson, in his 9/21/12 essay Barclays Center Is Brooklyn’s Ready-Made Monument, wrote:
For all its swagger, the arena makes nice to the neighbors in various ways... To avoid clogging roadways, trucks swing into the Dean Street loading docks and ride elevators to a massive underground turntable that positions them in their respective bays.
Or how New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman, in his 11/1/12 review, wrote:
No, this isn’t a beautiful or ingratiating building, but it’s technologically smart, with an underground turntable for trucks that may sound eye-rollingly dull but makes traffic engineers like the city’s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, swoon because it reduces the number of backing up and double-parked 16-wheelers on nearby streets like Dean.
It's not supposed to reduce the number of 16-wheelers, it's supposed to eliminate them--at least if they follow the rules.

On AY Watch

Well, in an incident report on Atlantic Yards Watch, Peter Krashes wrote:
Two trucks queued on Dean Street waiting for entry to the loading dock for at least half an hour. The second truck turned off its engine, but the first idled for up to half an hour. Only when NYPD asked the driver to turn off its engine did he turn it off. The first driver did confirm that he came from the Navy Yard. He wasn't happy he had to wait at the arena. The trucks finally entered the elevators when two other trucks in the loading dock emerged.
In the first video, the trucks arrive and queue.

In the second, they continue to queue; the first truck, Krashes reported, continued to idle despite a request to turn the engine off.

In the third video, the trucks in the loading dock exit and the waiting trucks finally enter the elevator. There are still Beliebers trying to get a glimpse of their idol.