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Road to Brooklyn: The Brooklynettes and The Rivalry

The fourth episode of Road to Brooklyn, the web series about the Nets' move, is on Jay-Z's YouTube channel, and it provides some fast-paced promotion for The Brooklynettes dance team, focusing on auditions and interviews. The goal: to "see who really has that Brooklyn edge."

"Hi, ladies, you all look smoking hot," some of the holdover Nets dancers are told.

One question unanswered from this video: how many holdovers were kept? (Answer: not sure, but likely a good number, since the captain, Siobhan, is a holdover, and, according to the Greenpoint Gazette, two of 20 live in Brooklyn, with most in New Jersey.)

"We've definitely tested them, in all the different areas that are important to the shop," says Nets Dancers and Entertainment Manager Kimberlee Garris. "So it's not just about being a pretty face, it's not just about use of choreography, it's about, one, being an athlete, two, being a brand ambassador, and then three, of course, being an outstanding dancer."

Third episode: The Rivalry

Below, the third episode, regarding the epic question over whether fans will retain their allegiance to the New York Knicks.