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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Today's Atlantic Yards storyline, take your pick: a spectacular arena (as per EPSN), a spectacular rat problem (WPIX)

There are two storylines to Atlantic Yards today, and never the twain shall cross: the excitement experienced by myopic sportswriters, and the dismay by arena neighbors, who focus more on their quality of life than the benefits to occasional arena visitors.

ESPN New York's Rob Parker, in It's real -- and it'll be spectacular: Nets' future home is taking shape in Brooklyn; seeing will make you a believer, writes:
And even though there's still another NBA season to be played before that happens, my eyes popped and my heart picked up a few beats when I finally laid my eyes on this place that has been talked about for years, almost in mythical terms.

It's a reality.

Better yet, it will be a showplace, the place that changes the game when it opens in September 2012.

...My thought immediately was, this place will be bananas, in a good way, on a game night. There are plenty of cool places to eat around there before a game. Best of all, this location allows fans from all points to get here with ease. You don't have to drive if you don't want. The arena is serviced by nine different subway lines and the LIRR. Fans will be able to walk up from the subway right into the main plaza in front of the main entrance, no streets to cross.
He missed the part about the 1100-space surface parking lot two blocks away, sending people walking down a narrow sidewalk, which is not the "downtown Brooklyn" he describes.

Rats in the neighborhood

WPIX reports on the burgeoning rat problem around the arena site, with guidance from Pacific Street resident Robert Puca.

"For every dollar that's invested, it seems there's a rat that's invested the neighobrhood," reporter Monica Morales. (It's not a $4.9 billion arena, it's a $4.9 billion project.)

The report presages a meeting tonight on the rat issue.