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Nash's nuance: a hoops star recognizes there may be some angles to the snazzy Brooklyn arena he can't fathom

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash, an off-season New Yorker, was interviewed in am New York:
What do you think of the new arena going up in Brooklyn for the Nets? I think it's great. I'm speaking from the outside — you know, I don't live in Brooklyn or near where that arena would be, so I'm not sure how it would impact that community positively or negatively. But as far as our league, I think it's a great place to have a building and it's a great place to have a team. New York, and Brooklyn in particular, has such a great sports tradition and it's a great sports town. So I think it's a beautiful thing for our game.
At least Nash, who's one of the NBA's stellar citizens, knows what he doesn't know. Maybe he could start with Battle for Brooklyn.