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A Battle for Brooklyn review: when libertarians agree with Norman Siegel that "something is a problem, it must be awful"

From a review of the new documentary Battle for Brooklyn in The Epoch Times:
Though hardly kneejerk, the Moving Picture Institute has nurtured some of the most challenging free-market/right-of-center documentaries to sneak into theaters in recent years. Norman Siegel is a self-proclaimed civil liberties attorney so far to the left that he has lost three Democratic primaries in New York City to more moderate candidates. When they agree something is a problem, it must be awful.
Indeed, as I wrote in my review:
Battle’s directors, however, do not point out how eminent domain can make for strange bedfellows, with Brooklyn activists working with the libertarians of the Castle Coalition, or that, given that New York has the country’s most condemnor-friendly eminent domain laws, such an alliance shouldn’t be shocking. (The film is also supported by the libertarian Moving Picture Institute.)