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Arena construction work this week will go on second shift, to 11 pm; ESDC says it may continue 2 more weeks, ensures "maximum productivity" (updated)

Updated June 14 with ESDC response.

Though the Atlantic Yards arena is, according to a consultant working for the bond trustee, a month ahead of schedule, the Empire State Development Corporation announced June 13 at 3:32 pm that this week there will be a second shift of construction work, from 3:30 pm to 11 pm.

Work will include:
  1. Support activities for foundation work
  2. Spray fireproofing at the Event Level and other levels
  3. Sheet metal installation at the Event Level
  4. Plumbing installation at the Event Level
  5. Miscellaneous electrical rough in and electrical support activities.
According to the ESDC, no materials will be trucked off site and there will be no concrete pours during this period--in other words, less traffic.

While deliveries will be staged for prior to 6pm, there may be some small box truck type deliveries after 6pm.

The ESDC says:
The type of work being performed is generally not noisy work, crew sizes will be greatly reduced compared to the typical work day, and much of the work will occur 25 feet or more below street level down at Event Level grade. This will help to minimize noise impacts to the surrounding community. Additionally, the fireproofing contractor is operating his equipment off of temporary electric power, which means that they do not need to run a noisy diesel generator for that work.
Response to questions

ESDC spokeswoman Elizabeth Mitchell responded to my questions:
1. The supplemental refers to a second shift for the days of June 13 – June 17. We anticipate that there may be a total of 2-3 weeks requiring second shifts. This is subject to receipt of permits and the continuing need for work to be performed on a second shift. The anticipated need for such will be reported in the two week look ahead for the period covering June 20 – July 3rd.

2. The work hours of 3 P.M. – 11 P.M. is allowable under the permit. Having workers work the full shift ensures maximum productivity.

3. We project the average number of workers on site will be approximately 35.
Supplemental Atlantic Yards Construction Alert 6-6-2011