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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Yes, Atlantic Yards is the source of the "bloggiest" claim

On the Brian Lehrer Live show taped Wednesday, guest Steven Berlin Johnson, co-founder of, explicitly acknowledged that Atlantic Yards was behind the claim that Clinton Hill was the nation's "bloggiest" neighborhood. (I hadn't heard such a clear acknowledgment before, but maybe I'd missed it.)

At about 24:00, Johnson explained, "We did a survey of America's bloggiest neighborhoods... We ran the numbers, most posts per neighborhood in all these cities. When it came back, the top five neighborhoods were all in Brooklyn. We decided Brooklyn could have only one neighborhood. So I think it was Clinton Hill, because however we defined Atlantic Yards, it was in there."

As I wrote last April, if the source of Clinton Hill's stature was Atlantic Yards, the bloggiest neighborhood should be Prospect Heights, home to almost all of the project footprint.

AY on the "buzz map"

At about 11:35, the discussion turned to the flash animation of a "buzz map" Johnson and co-founder John Geraci prepared to track the coverage at certain locations, with orange indicating blog posts and gray indicating traditional media.

The example, of course, was Brooklyn. As Johnson explained, "The giant circle there is showing you the incredible amount of conversation about Atlantic Yards."