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The nutritionally switchable Nets mascot Sly Fox enters NYC schools

A sharp-eyed reader spotted Nets mascot Sly Fox gracing a poster promoting the effort by the New York City Department of Education's Office of School Food to promote good nutrition.

A poster in a Brooklyn school--presumably one among many--promotes students eating (free) school breakfast and ($1.50) lunch, apparently an effort to remind students that eating healthy is cool. It's a worthy goal. (Click on graphics to enlarge.)

The American Dairy Association's 3-a-Day program, promoting three daily servings of milk, cheese, or yogurt, also gets a plug. And for those eating lunch in school on Monday through Wednesday this week, there's a chance to win tickets to a Nets game.

The perils of partnership

Now, this is not the first time SchoolFood has hooked up with a sports team; the football Jets participated in a past promotion.

But the Nets' Fox is particularly Sly. The jumping, dunking, inoffensively feline mascot not only supports SchoolFood, but also promotes the "McDonald's Plan," a ticket deal in partnership with the fast-food purveyor. Apparently, a mascot can be nutritionally switchable.


  1. Okay, cut him some slack. Promoting that children should eat 10 healthy meals during the week at school isn't a conflict with putting the McDonald's name on a ticket plan. Calm down.


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