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At MetroTech, no photography; what about AY?

Given the hassles that videographer Katherin McInnis and photographer Tracy Collins recently experienced at the Atlantic Yards footprint, the experience I had at Forest City Ratner's MetroTech Center two weeks back was small beans, but still worth noting.

While I was walking around the Commons, shooting a few photos, a couple of security guards told me (nicely) that photography was not permitted. I had already taken the photos I wanted, and they didn't ask for the camera.

Only later did I see and photograph the rules. (Click to enlarge.) While photography isn't explicitly banned, it apparently qualifies as "unauthorized activity."

[A commenter on Gowanus Lounge suggests that the ban is related to the presence of city emergency services. Maybe, but I was nowhere near those buildings.]

That raises a question. Should Atlantic Yards open space be built--the eight acres would appear in the increasingly distant second phase of the project--would photography be permitted?

The open space would be managed by a conservancy or nonprofit agency, not the developer. Surely they'd be hearing from the Atlantic Yards Camera Club.


  1. Norman, when I tried to take pictures in the entry hallway in Atlantic Terminal, guards appeared out of nowhere to tell me photography was not permitted.



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