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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Jane Jacobs coverage collected

12/20/07: The AY omission in the Jane Jacobs exhibit, some contentions, and the lesson of skepticism

12/19/07: The Jane Jacobs exhibit: a worthy reaffirmation but just the start of a longer discussion

12/05/07: Panel on "oversuccess" raises questions about community review, CBAs, gentrification, and AY

12/5/07: Imagine Flatbush, Jane Jacobs, and NIMBYism

12/03/07: Will "absurd" process make Atlantic Yards this generation’s Penn Station?

12/2/07: A neo-Jacobsian take on urbanism: "morphogenesis"

11/29/07: Panel: a stronger public sector might mitigate "oversuccess," but developer reality is scarce

11/7/07: "When the Big Get Bigger": the unresolved challenge of balancing town and gown

11/1/07: A look at the context and legacy of Jane Jacobs--and a swipe at AY

10/26/07: At the Brooklyn Bear's Garden, a Jacobs reminder

10/19/07: Civic activism post-Jane Jacobs: stamina, (AY) "insurgencies," and "retaking our souls"

10/11/07: Designing Public Consensus--it takes a lot more meetings

10/10/07: The "activist press" and the "Atlantic Yards Narrative"

10/9/07: The missing Jane Jacobs chapter in The Power Broker

10/7/07: New York's soul lost? 'New York Calling' fills in some gaps

10/5/07: Jane Jacobs on Kelo; her attorney on post-Kelo legislation

10/4/07: Is New York losing its soul? Sort of, panelists say (and one targets AY)

10/2/07: Vitullo-Martin takes a second look at Jane Jacobs

9/28/07: Jane Jacobs was wrong about a stadium, but Toronto ain't Brooklyn

9/27/07: Would Jane Jacobs approve of AY? One Time Out-ster thinks so

9/26/07: We are all Jacobsian now--but what about process?

9/25/07: UNITY 2007: a new, Jacobsian plan for the Vanderbilt Yard

9/19/07: Jane's Walks coming in two weeks, including one on AY

9/14/07: "Listening to the City" and Atlantic Yards

9/11/07: Atlantic Yards through a Jacobsian lens

9/7/07: Coming: the Jane Jacobs exhibit and discussions; AY gets some notice

8/19/07: Superblocks, a massacre in Newark, and Jane Jacobs

8/2/07: Vito Lopez invokes Jane Jacobs, says New Domino should be scaled down

7/28/07: On complex land-use choices and "land monopoly"

5/25/07: Critic Goldberger: post-Moses era represents failure to plan

5/9/07: Reconsiderations of Jane Jacobs lead inevitably to Atlantic Yards musings

5/7/07: What the Village Voice was to the Washington Square battle, the blogs are to Atlantic Yards

4/26/07: At Glazer talk on modernism, AY is poster child for too much density

4/14/07: Robert Moses, transportation, and the question of Atlantic Yards

3/6/07: Jane Jacobs, Atlantic Yards, and "the age of marketing"

2/15/07: Spin city #1: Burden calls AY “a gaping hole in the heart of Brooklyn”

2/11/07: Moses revisionism, Jane Jacobs, the BQE, and the Promenade

2/1/07: "Time to build again," as Moses controversy gets airing

1/15/07: Times profile of planning chair Burden maintains AY myth, suffers curious cut

1/6/07: Brooklyn Matters: race, class, and the Atlantic Yards debate, on film

10/12/06: Planning Chair Burden claims Jacobsian mantle, discards it for AY

9/3/06: The more things change... (Jacobs on public hearings)

7/2/06: Critic Goldberger calls AY a corruption of Jacobsian "mixed-use"

6/2/06: Rereading Ouroussoff on AY and Gehry: reinventing Brooklyn or flawed process?

5/18/06: Raising hell? Allan Temko and the "foxes" critiquing architecture today

5/8/06: DDDB's new advisory board, Jane Jacobs, & "angry blogs"

4/30/06: A veiled defense of Atlantic Yards? The Times's Ouroussoff on "Outgrowing Jane Jacobs"

4/30/06: What would Jane Jacobs say? Disingenuousness & Atlantic Yards

4/27/06: Atlantic Yards out of place in "New Downtowns" discussion

3/7/06: Historic preservation, the legacy of Robert Moses, and the enduring lessons of urbanism