Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's up with the "mountain of soil" on Block 1129? A dust hazard and a violation of environmental protocols, apparently

Atlantic Yards Watch offers another disturbing dispatch, Mountain of soil grows on block 1129, creating dust hazard and violating environmental protocols:
A 2 1/2 story tall mound of soil, described as backfill in the last two construction alerts (January 30 and February 13), has been uncovered on an ongoing basis since it was first created over two weeks ago. The mound is located in the staging area on block 1129 and continues to grow. The mound has a base of about 150 by 100 feet. The photo above on the left is the view from Vanderbilt Avenue toward the west. The photo to the right is the view south from the third story of a residential building on Dean Street.
Although the mound has never been covered, both construction alerts describe it as covered. They state, "the pile will be completely covered with filter fabric and additional measures will be used to prevent run off of soil onto Pacific Street." All stockpiled dry materials are required to be covered, water misted, or sprayed with non-hazardous suppression agent in the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments (MEC).
In addition, the mound continues to grow without water spraying during the loading of dry materials as is required in the MEC. Regardless of the season, dust is a common by-product of construction at Atlantic Yards.
For more, including a description of a similar episode int he past, speculation on reasons contractors may resist covering piles, and a failure in enforcement, go to Atlantic Yards Watch.

I'll check with Empire State Development, the state agency in charge of Atlantic Yards, to see if they have a comment.

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