Sunday, February 05, 2012

Eric Adams confirms he's running for Borough President

When state Senator Eric Adams organized a surprising January 22 press conference on Atlantic Yards, I speculated that one motivation was his rumored run for Borough President in 2013.

Adams wouldn't confirm that he was running, but he did to Room 8 columnist Rock Hackshaws, who wrote 2/3/12:
I have had many credible sources tell me for quite some time now that Adams was going to seek the boro-prez position after Marty Markowitz is term-limited in 2013. In a phone conversation with Adams yesterday, he stated that right now he is first seeking re-election to his senate seat this year; then once he is successful, he will announce a run for the Brooklyn borough presidency sometime before Christmas 2012. He believes his chances of success are very high. I concur.
Well, Adams does have name recognition beyond his elective service, notably as a co-founder (according to his bio) of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. Both his law enforcement background, as well as his willingness to question the police, gives Adams crossover credibility with some voters who might be less favorable toward a black candidate or an ex-cop.

As Hackshaw notes, Adams would be the borough's first black Borough President.

Depends on the field

But it depends on how many candidates run in the Democratic primary, which is tantamount to election.

For example, if Council Member Letitia James chooses not to run for Public Advocate but aims for Borough President, she'd likely cut more into Adams' voter base than that of the first announced candidate, Carlo Scissura, Markowitz's designated heir. Their districts cover nearby neighborhoods, and James also is black.

Then again, should Council Member Dominic Recchia run, he'd cut into the Southern Brooklyn base of Scissura, a fellow Italian-American.

And there are rumors of other possible entrants.

That's not to say that candidates expect support mostly on regional/ethnic/racial lines, but those do serve as rough proxies for their respective bases.

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  1. I don't know much about Mr Adams, but I'll support him we need more black representation in Bklyn, but I hope it's not business as usual like most of our black representitives in Brooklyn.