Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Arena operator seeks Community Affairs Manager; aim is to "build brand visibility," not manage relations with those bearing the brunt of arena operations

The Brooklyn Events Center, operator of the Barclays Center arena, is seeking a Community Affairs Manager. (Full advertisement below.)

Is that job aimed at ensuring good relationships with immediate neighbors, so that Prospect Heights residents aren't disturbed by arena-goers who might forget the arena Code of Conduct or car stacked up on residential streets?

Nah. It's a business, man, and that business, while pretty vague in the job description, is about "brand visibility":
The Community Affairs Manager will be responsible for ensuring active and engaged communities around a defined topic or topics by managing calendars and participating in conversations to build brand visibility and thought leadership.
Main duties

The "essential duties and responsibilities" include:
  • Communicate issues, opportunities, and insights to the company at large;
  • Participate in professional networking by following the prominent bloggers and online writers and attending events;
  • Work with local organizations to develop master list of project ideas and plans;
  • Coordinate logistics, planning, promotion and staffing of volunteer initiatives;
  • Coordinates advertising schedules and placement, as required for ads placed in community program books, newsletters, etc.;
  • Liaises with parties identified in CBA – external law enforcement, political, and public agencies;
  • Involvement in city council meetings and activities;
  • Coordinate all MWBE initiatives and report quarterly results to CBA executive board
In the list above, I think there's some awkward punctuation in the third-to-last item; law enforcement, political, and public agencies are not part of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) but would be separate parties.
Barclays Center Community Affairs Manager

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