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NY Times cultural critic Wesley Morris, contrasting superstars Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Durant, delivers a cordial burn to KD

New York Times culture critic Wesley Morris delivered a cordial-enough burn to former Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant in a 7/24/23 Critic's Notebook headlined Aaron Rodgers Is Now a Jet (and Becoming a New Yorker, Too), and subtitled "The Jets’ starting quarterback has thrown himself into the culture of his new professional home before he’s thrown a single pass."

Wrote Morris:
It’s so rare anymore that a person of note arrives in this city, jumps right in and, before he even does what he’s been hired to do, makes a little splash. The mighty Kevin Durant just spent four years here as a Net and, possibly even to his credit, never got anything wet.

Well KD was injured for a year, and then there was Covid, so he wasn't exactly out and about. 

But as Matt Sullivan described Durant in his book Can't Knock the Hustle, KD's a pure hooper with an extreme work ethic (and a penchant for getting baked in his downtime, which doesn't diminish his on-court capacities).

As @KDTrey5 states in his Twitter bio, "IM ME, I DO ME, AND I CHILL."

Fair enough, KD.