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Times reports that Adams' pals haven't paid back the money reaped from financial crimes. (Why didn't anyone check earlier?)

Friends of Eric Adams Have Paid Fraction of Sum Ordered in Federal Case, the New York Times's Michael Rothfeld reported 3/10/23:
More than eight years after being ordered in federal court to forfeit nearly $700,000 for financial crimes, two close friends of Mayor Eric Adams have repaid only a fraction of that sum despite operating numerous lucrative businesses, court records show.

The mayor’s friends, Robert and Johnny Petrosyants, pleaded guilty in January 2014 to making false reports at a check-cashing business after a federal investigation into the laundering of proceeds of false and inflated insurance claims.
That "fraction" is $41,500 out of a combined $667,446.08, or 6.2%. What's remarkable is that no one ever asked for an accounting until the Times pushed.

But it explains why they don't have their names on their businesses--to prevent seizure of assets--and casts even more doubt on the "mentoring" allegedly performed by Adams toward the twins.

And it makes you wonder: had local news outlets (like DNAinfo) not withered, and had any larger news outlets pursued the real story of the restaurant-bar-lounge Woodland, the nightlife magnet near the Barclays Center where Adams's unseemly alliance with the twins first surfaced, maybe he would've been asked more questions as a candidate, not as a mayor.