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"We belong here." SeatGeek Plaza at Barclays Center still mostly cordoned off (on non-game day).

Just as I observed earlier in the week, the operators of the Barclays Center have been keeping the SeatGeek Plaza mostly cordoned off during the day, leaving a relatively small passage for those going from Atlantic Avenue to Flatbush Avenue, or entering the transit hub.

While he Nets are in the middle of a home stand, yesterday (when I took the pictures at around 11:45 am) was not a game day.

But they're playing tonight, so maybe it's expediency, given that the plaza has to be cordoned off to manage crowds (and plan for potential protests, as at the opening game?).

Let's see how long it lasts. After all, the privately-controlled plaza is supposed to be a public amenity, right? "We belong here"--or, perhaps, a strip of "here."

Looking at the transit hub

Looking at the entrance doors