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No "chaos" at Barclays Center for second Brooklyn Nets home game; plaza still cordoned off during day

Yesterday morning, a day after (brief) "chaos" at Barclays Center, the situation looked calm, with the plaza cordoned off, deterring public use, though the pathway to the transit center was sufficiently clear.

Let's see if that persists through the week.

At the game

Last night, about 25 minutes before the Brooklyn Nets' 7:30 pm game time, I visited the plaza, and things seemed calm, with no protesters, and fans streaming in slowly, as show in the video below. It got a little congested around game time, but that--as far as I can tell--was because some people don't need to be precisely on time. 


"Support" for Irving?

Note the headline in USA Today last night, Protesters supporting Kyrie Irving stay away from Barclays Center after initial demonstration.

I think a wiser word choice would have been "invoking" Irving, since his stance has become their vehicle--and note Nation columnist Dave Zirin's argument.