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Yes, the Barclays Center is selling tickets for scheduled events. Total unclear. Capacity may increase--but some seats look pretty close already.

OK, now that people are allowed back in arenas, at least in limited numbers, the Barclays Center is listing new events, but--understandably--being cagy about the precise location and number of tickets available.

As of February, venues were allowed to open at 10% capacity--that's  about 1,773 for Brooklyn Nets games and up to 1,900 for concerts, according to the arena web site--but surely the Barclays Center operators are expecting bigger growds.

Besides Nets games, which do not include the inevitable playoffs, right now there are nine events listed, several of which have been rescheduled.

Bieber comes first

The first event is the Justin Bieber World Tour, scheduled for July 20, 2021, a concert that likely would have sold out before the pandemic and surely now would benefit from the tamped-up demand built over the past year. 

(That, I suspect, would outweigh the number of potential ticket-buyers still wary of attending such an event, given the youthful demographic.)

Click through to Ticketmaster and there's first a warning message: "As official local health guidelines evolve regarding COVID-19 safety protocols, the venue may shift seating configurations and increase capacity."

That said, a look at that Ticketmaster page for available seats suggests that, at least in the cheaper sections, they're selling a lot of seats pretty close together:

For most events, tickets are available, but for the Gold Over America Tour with Simone Biles, tickets are TBA.