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With medical marijuana already on Flatbush Avenue and legalization enabling consumer sales next year, a change coming near Barclays?

I wrote two years ago about the emergence of Citiva, Brooklyn's first medical marijuana dispensary, on Flatbush Avenue a half-block below the Barclays Center.

Well Citiva has apparently rebranded as Be., at least locally, and says it's "trusted to partner for the medical cannabis patients and caregivers throughout the state."

Now that New York State has legalized adult use of marijuana, existing providers, including Citiva, are poised to cash in.

As the New York Times reported 3/31/21, though dispensaries are a year away (though individual possession is now legal), "The state’s medical cannabis operators, capped at 10 companies, will be able to enter the more lucrative recreational market by paying a one-time fee."

I have no knowledge of their plans, but I'd bet that Citiva/Be. will take advantage of the opportunity, given the highly-trafficked location.

And the Barclays Center, already known for not always policing pot smoking--check Yelp references to pot and marijuana, and TripAdvisor reviews--might find a new challenge. 

As the Times reported, New Yorkers can now smoke pot wherever tobacco is allowed, "though localities and a new state agency could create regulations to more strictly control smoking cannabis in public." So expect more smell of skunk on the street.