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After Miami, won't more arenas devote sections limited to fully vaccinated fans? In New York, watch as state guidelines evolve.

The Brooklyn Nets already--albeit informally, since it's not on the arena web site--have announced that those who are fully vaccinated, two weeks after their second shot, need not take a COVID-19 test. But another trend was recently launched at American Airlines Arena in Miami, which, according to a 3/23/21 Associated Press article, announced two sections of the lower bowl dedicated to fully vaccinated fans. This allows people to sit closer together, and requires new protocols:
The Heat are devoting two sections for the fully vaccinated fans, where pods of groups will be separated by just one seat. Those fans will be admitted through a separate gate and required to show their Centers for Disease Control vaccination card, or proof thereof, along with valid identification. Fans would have to have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days to be eligible to be in those sections.
Yes, masks are still required.

This has gotten the blessing of the NBA, which also requires rapid/recent testing of vaccinated fans who sit within 30 feet of the court, less--as far as I can tell--to protect fellow fans than to protect game participants.

And other teams "are believed to be working on similar measures," including, surely, those in New York City, which are subject to state-mandated guidelines, which surely will be shifting. 

I wouldn't be surprised to see relaxed protocols by or before the NBA playoffs, which, of course, is just when more fans would be eager to pay more money to see the Nets.