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Options for new Barclays Center entrances: at least one should be on Flatbush Avenue (plus, maybe, on Atlantic Avenue)

In November, the New York Post reported that the operators of the Barclays Center were planning to build a "significantly larger team store" in another part of the arena and to create new entrances to help people get in and out faster.

Assuming fans do come back, that makes a lot of sense, and the photos below--which I shot in November--show some options.

We can only speculate about the locations, but surely the current team store, most recently known as the Swag Shop, is a leading contender, located just past the oculus and box office southeast on Flatbush Avenue.

On 12/22/20, Ajayi Browne of NetsDaily wrote WALKING TOUR: Nine months on, Barclays Center still empty but things have changed, also suggesting that "the new entrance will likely be" at the old team store.

But the operators apparently need multiple locations. Another possibility might be the under-utilized retail space further down Flatbush, such as that used for the "Featured on Flatbush" pop-up.

Another possibility might be this "well" (below) further along Flatbush, approaching Dean Street, where I've seen employees hanging out. It has multiple doors. 

Beyond Flatbush

I think it's less likely that the entrance on Sixth Avenue at Pacific Street, at the eastern end of the arena, would be used, since it's currently covered with scaffolding and arena visitors may will return before the adjacent B4 (18 Sixth Ave.) tower will be finished. 

It's in between two residential towers, across the street from one under construction, and across the street from a future construction site. But you never know--and that entrance was once slated to be used if the B1 (aka "Miss Brooklyn") tower had been under construction. (Instead, the project developers are aiming to shift the bulk of that tower across Flatbush Avenue to the parcel known as Site 5.)

Meanwhile, Atlantic Avenue already has several smaller entrance spaces, including the VIP entrance near the plaza, as shown below.

Further down is an entrance for American Express Card members.

There's another, less marked entrance closer to Sixth Avenue, where I've seen people go in and out.

But there are still some doors not typically used for an entrance--though I believe they're used for egress.
Bottom line: there are options on Atlantic Avenue.