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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

YIMBY notices B12/B13 foundations being dug, 550 Clinton topping out

The breathless YIMBY (Yes in My Backyard) web site keeps up on incremental changes in construction projects.

Foundations Underway For Pacific Park’s 595 Dean Street In Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, published 2/9/21, reminds us that foundation work has begun at the siblings 615 Dean St. (B12) and 595 Dean St. (B13), built by TF Cornerstone.

"Excavators are carefully digging between the below-grade walls on both long dirt ramps that lead up to the sidewalk and toward the very bottom of the building’s foundation level along the southern edge of the rectangular property,. Also spotted on site was steel rebar protruding from an outline of the inner core. At this pace, excavation will likely be mostly complete by the spring." 
(Emphases added)

Note that a TF Cornerstone rep last month said excavation should be complete at the end of the winter or early spring.

Across Atlantic Avenue

Also YIMBY on 2/10/21 offered 550 Clinton Avenue Reaches 29-Story Pinnacle In Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, noting that the building on the northeast corner of Atlantic Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue has topped out.

That's catercorner to the future B10 of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park, assuming it's built, and across the street from the McDonald's site proposed for a high-rise tower.