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A new mural, "Hope," for (mostly-closed) Atlantic Center mall opposite Barclays Center

Madison International via Street Art NYC
Opposite the Barclays Center at Fort Greene Place and Atlantic Avenue, there's a new mural, "Hope," at Atlantic Center mall, 20 feet wide and 24 feet tall, from artist Jason Naylor.

"To the Heroes of This World," it says, responding to the coronavirus crisis. "Thank You."

The oft-derided Atlantic Center was taken over in late 2017 (along with adjacent Atlantic Terminal and more) by Madison International Realty, which bought out Forest City Ratner/Forest City New York in stages.

Atlantic Center, or Atlantic Terminal?

Note that Madison and others subsume Atlantic Center under Atlantic Terminal--a continuation of a strategy intermittently begun by Forest City--and the coverage, including in Street Art NYC and BK Reader, identified the location as Atlantic Terminal, rather than its older, uglier sibling to the east. (I suspect that came from a press release.)

To quote the Brooklyn Eagle:
"HOPE” is the third artwork Madison International Realty has commissioned at Atlantic Terminal Mall. Previously, Madison appointed Brooklyn artist Patrick Dougher to create “Spread Love” and also partnered with local artists to create the “Take It Easy” mural.
Understandably for a major company, and in the midst of the current crisis, the mural is cheerful and careful, compared to more political community murals or funky street art visible elsewhere in Brooklyn and, presumably, to be inspired by the crisis.

Still, it's a smart move by Madison to take advantage of the significant amount of empty canvas at the malls to improve them. They have more opportunities. The latest mural will stay up at least through the end of the year, according to BK Reader.

The malls were mostly closed six weeks ago, according to this 3/19/20 Facebook post, with Stop & Shop and Target open, and Applebee's and Buffalo Wild Wings open for takeout.