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Yes, open space at 535 Carlton remains "temporarily closed for construction"

A view from Dean Street, Sept. 10
The open space wrapping around the 535 Carlton rental tower, closed (likely) since some time in August, is still closed.

As I wrote 9/23/19, a spokesman for developer Greenland Forest City Partners said:
Regarding the courtyard, there is a small area closer to Pacific Street that needs to be repaired. For safety purposes, the insurance company asked to close the courtyard temporarily while the engineers and contractors investigate the issue. We hope to have it re-opened shortly.
View from Dean Street, Oct. 7
That hasn't happened. At least a sign on the wall indicates that it's temporarily closed for construction--and, presumably, repairs.

Residents of the tower who recently attended a North Prospect Heights Association meeting indicated that a sinkhole--"a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer"--had caused the closure, I reported.

That wasn't confirmed.

But as the close-up photos below suggest, the area of concern--near Pacific Street but a decent stretch from both Carlton Avenue and Dean Street--is relatively small.

It's interesting, though, that such a small area triggered the full closure. It's plausible a small area with a safety issue could simply be cordoned off.
View from Carlton Avenue, Oct. 7
Close-up on area of concern, view from Carlton Avenue, Oct. 7
View from Dean Street, Oct. 7
Close-up on area of concern, view from Dean Street, Oct. 7