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After clearing of clogged pipe at 535 Carlton, open space gets partly reopened

Open space partly open, from Dean Street
For at least a week, the open space outside 535 Carlton Avenue--closed since late August--has been partly re-opened, with residents and visitors able to enter from Dean Street and to go the rear entrance of the building, but not to continue deeper in the space, approaching the railyard.

I noticed the opening when I walked by on Oct. 17, and it was confirmed by a response that day from Empire State Development's Tobi Jaiyesimi to the North Prospect Heights Association. 

Her note, which NPHA leaders shared at a recent meeting and then shared with me, stated:
The open space at 535 Carlton Avenue has been partially reopened to the public. The area was closed off while contractors evaluated site conditions. There were drainage issues resulting from a clogged pipe. The problem was remedied by clearing the blockage in the pipe. Contractors continue to monitor the closed off area to ensure that there are no remaining drainage problems. Once the evaluation is complete, the rest of the area will be reopened.
Carlton Avenue entrance still blocked
She didn't offer a time frame. The entrance from Carlton Avenue is still fully blocked, as shown in the photo at right.

A new Community Liaison Office

As previously reported, the Community Liaison Office has moved to unrented retail space at 550 Vanderbilt, with the entrance at the north end of the building, from the Pacific Street corridor.

The CLO’s hours are M-F from 9 am – 4p m and can be reached by phone at 866-923-5315 and by email at This is not, of course, a 24-hour hotline, which could be useful.

The sign says Community Inquiries, with the categories: Project Related Questions & Concerns?, Affordable Housing?, and Union Construction Jobs?