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For Barclays Center Tidal concert, ceding public sidewalks

I was near the Barclays Center last night, just before the Tidal Rock the Vote Concert (TBD on the monthly calendar with no mention of any sidewalk closure). I guess I'd missed the previous versions, since a cop told me this was nothing new, but it was surprising to see the Dean Street sidewalk on the arena block severely constricted.

As shown in the photo below, on the north side of Dean Street just east of Flatbush Avenue, cops and Barclays Center security personnel operated a checkpoint. At left was a narrow corridor for those entering and leaving the 461 Dean apartment tower. A security guy told me the set up was to prevent "terrorism" aimed at the music acts.

Walking east on the south side of Dean Street, it was clear that the mid-block arena entrance was being used for some kind of celebrity photo shoot. In other words, the public street was constricted for the convenience of arena operations.

At the next intersection, the northwest corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, the sidewalk was closed off going west.