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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Is closed open space at 535 Carlton caused by a sinkhole? The state has no information. The developer says "small area" needs repair.

This is the sixth and last of several articles based on the 9/17/19 Quality of Life meeting, hosted by Empire State Development (ESD), the state authority overseeing and shepherding the project. The first concerned plans for the school. The second concerned questions about the timing of the platform. The third concerned work that was not previewed in the two-week Construction Update. The fourth concerned hazardous conditions for pedestrians on Sixth Avenue. The fifth concerned a new location for the Community Liaison Office and other roundup issues.

A view from Dean Street, Sept. 10
I reported recently that the open space behind the 535 Carlton rental tower had been closed off, as shown in the photo at right.

Elaine Weinstein, co-president of the North Prospect Heights Association (NPHA), said that residents of the tower who recently attended a NPHA meeting indicated that a sinkhole--"a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer"--had caused the closure.

Tobi Jaiyesimi, Atlantic Yards project director for ESD and also the executive director of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation, said she was aware of the situation and that it was being addressed, but had neither details nor updates.

No representative of Greenland Forest City Partners, the project's master developer and the builder of that tower, was there to answer questions.

Gaining more detail

I suggested that signage regarding the closure, as well as the likely reopening schedule, would be a good idea. Jaiyesimi said she'd make a note of it.

I subsequently queried the developer, asking when it was closed and when it might be reopened, and the cause. I got a statement that indicated progress but without details:
Regarding the courtyard, there is a small area closer to Pacific Street that needs to be repaired. For safety purposes, the insurance company asked to close the courtyard temporarily while the engineers and contractors investigate the issue. We hope to have it re-opened shortly.
Pacific Street is at the other end of the photos.

I asked how long it had been closed and yesterday was told "approximately one week." That's a pretty broad approximately, since I took the accompanying photos nearly two weeks ago, on Tuesday, 9/10/19. Also, two days later, on 9/12/19, a resident I encountered estimated that it had been about two weeks as of then.  

Another view from Dean Street, Sept. 10