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Closed (?) open space at 535 Carlton; digging at B15; FDNY sidewalk parking; a dangerous Sixth Avenue pedestrian path

Before tomorrow's Quality of Life meeting, a few photos related to the project site and environs.

Closed open space

First, the open space behind the B15 site, 535 Carlton, was closed as of last week, and a resident told me it had been two weeks. Perhaps we'll learn more. (I presume there's some sort of temporary damage issue, but they should be a little more explanatory.)

At the B15 site

I previously showed photos of the construction site at B15 (664 Pacific or 662 Pacific), but only from street level. The photos below are from the building just north of it, 670 Pacific, and show the depthy of excavation.

Endless parking violations

The volume of driving, parking, deliveries, and pickups presumably will increase when the school is built, placing even more pressure on the available parking--and the fire and police personnel who use their placards to park on the sidewalk.

Below are two photos of FDNY vehicles parked on Dean Street, east of Sixth Avenue.


Dangerous pedestrian paths

Because of construction at the B15 and then B4 sites, pedestrians traveling on Sixth Avenue between Dean Street and Atlantic Avenue have to cross the street to stay on a sidewalk. Some don't.

Below, pedestrians use the small passageway--not striped for pedestrians--on the west side of Sixth Avenue between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue. B3, or 38 Sixth Avenue, is in the background.