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On Sept. 25, 145 buses coming to Barclays Center during school hours, said to not lay over (2nd year of WE Day)

The Barclays Center yesterday circulated an updated September 2019 calendar, announcing an event--a "pep rally" for the charitable WE Day--Wednesday, Sept. 25 that will involve "a heavy flow of busing" between 8-10 am and 12-2 pm.

While the announcement, below does not indicate the number of buses, 145 buses are expected, according to Heather Hall, Senior Director of Community Relations for BSE Global, which operates the arena (for now). She spoke at the 9/17/19 Quality of Life meeting.

They're doing better than last year. Last year, the We Day event was held 9/26/18 at Barclays Center, and not announced on either the monthly events calendar circulated to neighbors nor at a community meeting. Some 200 buses were expected, but I didn't learn of major disruptions.

Last year, buses were supposed to drop off on Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, but this year there will be drop offs on Dean Street, which is a narrower, partly residential block at the arena's southern flank.

According to the notice, Pedestrian Traffic Managers will be on site during the event. Buses are directed to wait off-site, and will have designated pickup time/location. MTA Bus Lines (B41, B45 and B67) may be disrupted during this event. MTA will provide notification/signage if applicable.

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The announcement from WE:
Mark Wednesday September 25, 2019, on your calendar and join us at Barclays Center for an unparalleled event bringing together world-renowned speakers, award-winning performers and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives. Stay tuned for the announcement of our exciting lineup!
What is WE?
WE Charity is an international charity and educational partner. Our organization is unique in that it operates collaborative programs both domestically and internationally. In the US, Canada, and the UK, WE Day and WE Schools are initiatives of WE Charity that educate and empower young people. WE Schools is a year-long service-learning program that nurtures compassion in students and gives them the tools to create transformative social change. And WE Day is a series of inspiring events that celebrate youth making a difference in their local and global communities.
At the meeting

Speaking to residents, Hall said that pickups will be staggered, and buses will go to a depot in Red Hook.

At that point, she didn't have an information on the timing of the buses, which is described in today's notice.

It should be noted that an event between 8 am and 2 pm would pose conflicts with, say, the operations of the planned middle school next door.