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Yes, the Tech Memo fudges the decision to provide less, and unsecured, bicycle parking

I've written this week about how the Technical Memorandum (aka Tech Memo) associated with recently approved project changes revealed new information about plans for a giant Ventilation Structure in the project's open space, as well as cast doubt on claims regarding the newly approved below-grade fitness center and field house.

The Tech Memo also fudged the issue of bike parking. As I've previously written, despite a promise to provide 400 indoor, secured spaces, the project developer instead provided outdoor unsecured spaces, and only on a few occasions provided secure valeted service.

That latter experience, with a maximum 99 bikes parked, somehow led ESD to conclude that no more than 100 unsecured outdoor spaces was necessary, and that there was no reason to carve out space from project buildings.

The document continues that argument:
As discussed above, the Proposed Modifications would also reduce the number of Barclays Arena guest bicycle parking spaces from 400 to 100. A 400-space bicycle storage facility was to be provided adjacent to Building 3 and the Arena with access along Dean Street between Flatbush and 6th Avenues, but due to logistical, locational and security concerns this location is no longer feasible. With the Proposed Modifications, 100 bicycle parking spaces would be made available in two locations; 56 new spaces would be provided on the Arena Block adjacent to the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center Station, and 44 existing spaces at the Atlantic Terminal Mall would be made available to Arena attendees.
Recorded usage data in 2012 to 2013 showed that there were on average approximately 15 bicycle spaces being used per event at the 400-space facility (with a maximum of 99 bicycle spaces being used for one event). Additional bicycle demand surveys conducted between 2016 and 2018 found no significant growth in bicycle usage for Arena events. Based on this data, the reduction in the number of guest bicycle parking spaces from 400 to 100 would continue to adequately accommodate bicycle travel to/from Arena events. Additionally, the proposed bicycle parking locations would enhance access and circulation for both vehicular and bicycle traffic, while not adversely affecting pedestrian flow, during Arena events.
For these reasons, the change in Arena-related bicycle parking facilities will not result in significant adverse impacts not previously considered in the 2006 FEIS [Final Environmental Impact Statement] and 2014 FSEIS  [Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement].
(Emphases added)

Drilling down

Keep in mind that the "logistical, locational and security concerns" are to some degree self-imposed by the project's developers.

The storage facility was not only supposed to have 400 spaces--arguably too large--but also be valeted and/or secured, which offers a far greater degree of comfort to bicyclists.

Regarding the low usage of bikes during 2012-13 and then 2016-18, keep in mind that the 99-bike event was the rare event in which the bike parking was promoted and secured/valeted, while typically no such added level of assurance was offered.

In other words, they didn't really try. Nor does the Tech Memo acknowledge that.

August 2019 Atlantic Yards/... by Norman Oder on Scribd