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Noisy, disruptive Saturday work at B15 site disclosed at last minute, but after-hours permit had been acquired 11 days earlier

This seems just a little... suspect.

At 5:11 pm today, Empire State Development issued a supplement to the two-week Construction Update released more than a week ago. It states, regarding the B15 site (aka 37 Sixth, or 664 Pacific)
Excavation and foundation construction work are underway at the site. There will be work this Saturday, June 1st, in compliance with an approved DoB permit. Appropriate dust and noise mitigation measures will be taken.
So, according to the cover letter, Saturday work is expected tomorrow, June 1, 2019, from 9 am to 5 pm. That work, as I've reported, can be enormously disruptive and disturbing, however much "dust and noise mitigation measures" are taken.

Here's a brief video I shot.

Reasons for questions

The announcement is suspect for two reasons. The recent Construction Update omitted any mention of the possibility of Saturday work, which can be very disruptive to neighbors. The previous Construction Update belatedly disclosed such Saturday work.

So if they're considering Saturday work, they should have at least acknowledged the possibility. Some neighbors might want to plan to be absent.

More importantly, they already had the routine approval for after-hours variance for this Saturday ten days ago, on according to the Department of Buildings (DOB) filing, since the contractor had applied to be able to work both last Saturday and this one. In other words, they knew this was a possibility, if not a certainty.

Note: the stated reason for such after-hours work is "public safety." Could it also be convenience?